USCIS Revises Direct Mail Program for the Application for Naturalization

The USCIS announced recently that it is revising the Direct Mail Program for the Application for Naturalization (Form N-400). The revision is effective January 22, 2009. The notice advises the public to file non-military N-400’s with the appropriate Lockbox and provides a 30-day transition period after the effective date for the USCIS service centers to forward N-400 applications to the appropriate Lockbox location.

Therefore, effective January 22, 2009, for anyone residing in Michigan, you should mail your N-400 application to:

USCIS Lockbox Facility
US Citizenship and Immigration Services
PO Box 21251
Phoenix, AZ  85036

If you are mailing your N-400 by courier or express mail:

USCIS, Attn: N-400
1820 Skyharbor Circle S.  Floor 1
Phoenix, AZ  85036

Military applicants should continue to file their N-400 cases with the Nebraska Service Center. The Nebraska Service Center will also accept and process N-400’s filed by spouses of military members.

If you have questions about applying for naturalization or any question regarding immigration, call me at 616-233-9300 or email me at

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