Why Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

An attorney is trained in understanding and applying laws and regulations. Immigration and nationality laws, regulations, and administrative procedures are extremely complex. Congress and the different federal and state agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of State and Department of Labor are continually enacting and amending regulations and administrative procedures that have far reaching immigration consequences. An immigration attorney will be aware of new and amended laws, regulations, and administrative procedures, thus affording a client the best possible results with his particular case.

Even with today’s technology and access to voluminous legal and other resources via the worldwide web, one can become confused and entangled with the information and data presented requiring clarification and guidance. An experienced immigration attorney can evaluate and determine the best course of action for obtaining an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa. 

The Law Office of Robert F. Mirque, Jr. has over 18 years of experience helping people with immigration matters. If you have an immigration issue and you want legal assistance, please call me at (616) 233-9300 to schedule a free, no obligation appointment or email me at rfmirque@mirquelaw.com


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