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How Not To Obtain Permanent Residency

Four Kenyan nationals residing in Houston were sentenced last week for marriage fraud, visa fraud, and conspiracy to commit marriage fraud. According to the evidence at trial, these guys conspired to recruit and pay US citizens to enter into fraudulent marriages for the purpose of receiving lawful permanent resident status. Each of the defendants applied for a student visa to enter the United States. Once in the US, they recruited US citizens to marry. Each recruited citizen was paid $5000 for participation in the sham marriage. One guy who had his application for a student visa denied, recruited a female US citizen to fly to Kenya to conduct a sham wedding ceremony.

The scheme was uncovered after two of the recruited women were detained at the US Passport Office in Houston on suspicion of committing passport fraud. Upon questioning, they admitted they were recruited to travel to Africa to marry the recruiters’ family members.

The moral of the story here – there’s a right way and a wrong way to enter the United States. This is an example of the wrong way. A very, very wrong way. The right way begins with good legal counsel.

If you have questions about obtaining legal status in the United States the right way, call my office at 616-233-9300 or fill out the contact form for a legal status strategy meeting.


The New Look

For my regular readers, you will notice a completely new appearance to my blog. For my new readers, welcome!

I’ve always believe that my role here has been to get information to you. Not dazzle you with pictures of courthouses or the flag or the scales of justice. Come on, everyone has seen those websites. Instead, I have tried and I am committed to simply getting to you what I hope is valuable information about immigration law. I hope you agree with me that my website does just that. So, why the change?  [Read more…]

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